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Rajasthan, The name itself reflects its colors of eternal courage, valor, culture and folk tradition that has a legacy of hundreds of years. Whether it’s the popular folk “maahnd” or just simple wind tunes of the sand dunes, there is a soul touching music that can be felt in every bit of Rajasthan. You talk about the historical warriors or you take the glimpse of its age old music, there is a legacy in its very soil that keeps you bounded and attracts every one. The essence of peace in the air, the traditional attires, language diversity, customs, simple and loving people who dare become warriors whenever it requires and who have the history of surviving the most adverse conditions and emerge as winners is all one can collect from the mesmerizing fragrance of the soil of Rajasthan. To take ahead the legacy in our own way, we decided to keep the essence of brand Rajasthan in our own new start-up venture that we started way back in July 2012. The name emerged as “VEE NINE” (v9).

The founder of VEE NINE who comes from the journalism background of an undisputed career in Journalism for more than 16 years working in the deepest rural areas of Rajasthan’s villages and tribes and a post graduate in journalism himself felt some disconnect a the grass root level. This disconnect was between the government, society and emerging India at one end and the voice of a common man of the deepest village or vicinity of Rajasthan at the other end.

The very moment he decided to fill this gap with his enriched experience of active journalism and to create the common voice for the people of Rajasthan, the voice that can cross the political and social boundaries and reach directly where it has to be. The voice that should become the people’s voice. The voice that is called “Aap Ki Awaaz”. The very day VEE NINE decided to become people’s own voice in the form of live and interactive news media and the dream came true on 12th February 2016 in the form of a web news portal named “deserttimes.in
Desert Times Hindi News Portal


Country is fastly moving towards the digital revolution. Digital technology is giving new edge and speed to the transmission and broadcasting of information today. Social media has now reached from big towns and metros to the deepest villages of India. Taking this in consideration and say the word in our own unique way, the founder of VEE NINE Nikhil Vyas started his news portal deserttimes.in dedicated to the people and the soil of Rajasthan. The punch line created “AAP KI AAWAZ”.


Nikhil Vyas Owner of Desert Times
Nikhil Vyas
DESERTTIMES with its very name and the tag line make the purpose of this news portal very clear. We wish to talk about the Soil being in the sea of the sand dunes. We wish to talk of the colorful tradition of Rajasthan. We wish to talk about anything and everything that can become news, so important to come out from the local streets and reach directly to the main stream political lobby here the voice of a common man should and must be heard. The voice should convey what every single common man has to say. The voice should demand an answer to every single question asked by him. It should create a dialogue between the voter from each of the 33 districts of Rajasthan and their representatives loud and clear.